Cheap tricks used by Indian restaurants
Dirty Restaurants Some Tricks Used

Cheap tricks used by Indian restaurants

One of the popular cheap tricks used by Indian restaurants is using fake pictures for their adverts. These pictures are fake in the sense that they do not tell the whole picture. In pictures used to advertise food on offer, they show side dishes that go with a meal. A potential customer is drawn in by a picture thinking a chosen meal comes as a package. On ordering a meal, a customer is informed that the side dishes are not part of their ordered meal but have to be ordered on the side at an additional cost.

Offers such as buy one, get one free are popular with Indian restaurants and are used to trick potential customers into visiting their establishments. The offers are usually bogus or leave out a key condition for the offer to be effective. These offer might be valid only on certain days of the week, failure to mention this will mislead customers and have them visiting the eatery with the intent to capitalize on the offer. Some restaurants fail to mention these terms and conditions that come with the offer, mislead their customers.

There are restaurants that use generic

In writing down a customer’s bill, some restaurants apply a cheap trick to inflate prices. Such restaurants add on fake figure when calculating taxes tied to a meal. If a customer does not take time to look at the bill then you can be cheated into believing a quoted amount to be the real cost of your meal. A keen scrutiny of your bill and prices quoted as your tax will save you the trouble of being scammed by such establishments.

There are restaurants that use generic pictures pretending they had cooked that meal. Potential clients flock to the eatery thinking that the restaurant is capable of preparing a meal that matches a picture shown on their advertisement. When a customer is presented with what an eatery actually prepares it is a disappointing experience since it is nothing close to what you had in mind. Using fake images in advertisements is lying to the face of your customers. Customers end up feeling scammed when they place their orders and it does not match what was promised in an advert.

Cheap tricks used by Indian restaurants

Another cheap trick used by restaurants is exclusively instructing their waiters to recommend the most expensive of meals as the only option ready on short notice. This forces diners to spend more than they had budgeted for on an expensive dish. Holding out on all the information is equal to deceiving dinners. Waiters in a reputable establishment should be honest with their recommendations and keep the diners interests at heart when advising on what meal to order.

Some restaurants serve water with your meal without consulting the diner. The additional item is usually exaggerated in price and added to the bill without the consent of the diner. This is a dishonest way of squeezing an extra penny from buyers. If an item is going to be served at an extra cost, the buyer has a right to be informed of this inconveniency.