Cuisines that are considered the best in different cities
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Cuisines that are considered the best in different cities

Some countries have very sumptuous dishes that are a part of their culture, though, it may be impossible to travel to every country on Earth to taste them. Trying out their main dishes is a great way to stay updated with their cultural cuisines, cooking some in our local kitchens or eating at international restaurants. Bless your tastes bud with some culinary delicacies from across the world in great restaurants with your families and friends. The “Ramen” is a Japanese noodle soup made of rich fish or meat broth with soy, miso flavor often served with seaweed, mushrooms, sesame seeds as toppings. In the United States, chicken is a special meal, served on varying occasions like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, other holidays. From Southern America, a perfectly fried chicken with enough seasoning on a perfect batter is their signature meal, the “Southern Fried Chicken”, a sumptuous meal.

A key to Australian traditional cuisines

A key to Australian traditional cuisines is the Barramundi, a very famous meal in almost all diners or fish shops’ menu. To prepare this delicacy, a white fish is grilled, fried, baked, steamed, perfectly served with a dill and lemon butter. The Raclette is a traditional Swiss meal having a name for both a cheese and a full dish, the cheese is severe with pickled onions, potatoes after being melted under a grill. Popular in Northeast USA, the Poutine is a small solidified cheese bite that can retain shape under gravy heat. Another meal of small savory mostly steamed with fried buns, rolls, and dumplings, “Dim sum” originated from the old Chinese tea houses. A Russian delicacy is known as “Beef stroganoff” was invented by French chefs working for the Stroganovs, traditionally a dish of sliced mushrooms and sautéed beef with sour cream sauce.

The Mexican

The Mexican “Tacos” is another of those dishes you can’t do without mentioning, tacos are made up of soft corn tortillas seasoned with lots of pork, beef, and chicken. The American version is garnished with tomatoes, cheese, lettuce but the Mexican taco is not, they’re rather topped with salsa, guacamole, a slice of white onion. From Southeast Asia comes a crunchy, spicy salad made with shredded green pawpaw, other fruits, chili papers, and lime juice is the “Som tam”. Thailand’s national dish “Pad Thai” is served across the streets of Thailand, the dish comprises tofu, fish sauce, rice noodles tired with eggs, dried shrimps, red chili pepper. Pho, a Vietnam noodle delicacy that has gone viral in almost all countries, was brought to life in Northern Vietnam in the 19th century. The Canadians are known for lots of things, one of which is the “Poutine”, a delicious, thick, rich, and meaty french fries with added cheese curds.

Cuisines that are considered the best in different cities

Arepas share origin story with Colombia and Venezuela, a bread with sweet fillings made from cornmeal. It’s flat, round, and unleavened that can either be fried, boiled, baked, grilled, it’s eaten daily in these regions with a constant recipe. Several years ago, hunted meat was cooked over open fires for survival by the Turkey military, this led to the invention of the dish “kebab”. A Deep-fried patty of chickpeas, herb, spices, and onions making a tasty round veggie treat known as “Falafel”. Thought to have come from the Middle East, Egypt precisely, where it was eaten to replace meat, later it tilted towers the Levants having its chickpea form. With a taste of the seas, “Poke” is a dived raw fish dish native to Hawaii, its fame has gone viral across the United States in the last decade.

The Muslims in India are credited with the “Biryani” dish, a meal for celebrating special events, the rice, and assortment of spices that make this dish a wonder. You cannot mention some of the world’s best dishes without mentioning the American “Hamburger”, which unknown to many, originated from Germany. People think the Japanese “Sushi” is all about the freshness and quality of raw fish, though that’s a vital ingredient in sushi, the rice takes more credit. Sushi is a Japanese term meaning “it’s sour”, today there are 5 different types which are maki, uramaki, sashimi, nigiri, and temaki. “Masala dosa”, India’s fermented crêpe made from black lentils and rice batter, it’s eaten across several countries in Asia as breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper. It’s served with coconut, tomato chutney, these are some tasty world-class food delicacies that you’ve got to taste.