Dirty tactics used in Indian restaurants
Dirty Restaurants Some Tricks Used

Dirty tactics used in Indian restaurants

Indian restaurants use tactics to attract customers and gain profits, some tactics are good others are bad considering the effects they have. Discussion will be about the various bad tactics used in their restaurants and how they affect them as well as their customers. When plates come in small size, it is not enough depending on what you paid for the food, meaning you should be served in the plate that has the same value with your money. The Indian restaurants use the same oil repeatedly which is bad for the health of the customers, the workers too since workers eat the same food. Oil used for food has to be clean oil suitable for human consumption.

Sale of harmful, banned substance, this

Sale of harmful, banned substance, this is when the food has gone stale in the off season, and they fear getting losses. When buying food, fast foods sell stale meals until it is over for them to buy more fresh food. Selling stale meals causes harm to their customers health and make your business not excel. The Indian restaurants mix the food from the previous day with current food and there is no difference. Indian restaurants have developed a habit of selling leftovers to its customers, things like meats are stored and reheated when a customer orders food.

Dirty tactics used in Indian restaurants

It is recommended to wear gloves and head gears for cooking, in the high-end restaurants they do, but restaurants workers ignore that it is a requirement by health sector to wear gears while in the kitchen. Cooks not washing their hands thoroughly with soap is not a good conduct in the workplace. Grease spreads all over the kitchen which is gross even thinking about it. Workers are allowed to eat fries while fresh, and eat from the kitchen instead of putting in a side plate, workers are told to eat directly from the pot. When going to eat in Indian restaurants, order not so popular meals because the goods are non-moving goods meaning goods have been there for long and their quality is not the best.

Lunchtime is the best time to go order in the restaurant, always buy food in restaurant considering the quality or freshness of the item. Normalise going to restaurants at a time when fast foods are not so busy and at lunch times. Hot chocolate or blended juice from fruits, cheap stuff that is used to prepare items and charge a high price for less quality products since those are their prices in the market. Prices are set the with sense such that when you round off, the price of the item goes up and never get your change back. Some restaurants keep change without your consent, when you go to ask for your money, they chase you away. Ther should discipline actions put in place for the rude, unreliable employees of the restaurant. Employees should also be taught first aid lessons in their place of work.

Bearing in mind all dirty tactics used in a restaurant, it’s better to cook for yourself or go to the seven-star hotel, pay a generous amount for fresh cooked meal in a nice environment. Despite unhealthy conditions of fast foods, the restaurants are still running. You find that the standards of such restaurants are not at per with the health ministries, means that even other managers care less about consumers health because getting money is their aim. Those working in fast foods, ensure you are clean eeping your place of work clean. It is easy to get infections in a chain restaurant than any other place, food is very sensitive it should be handled it properly.