How to tell your mum she needs to improve her cooking skills
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How to tell your mum she needs to improve her cooking skills

Cooking is a very delicate process of balance between ingredients to produce the perfect taste. Getting the balance correctly has proved difficult in quite many situations of different kinds which leads to people generally judging your food as bad. Different people would have different preferences on which ingredient should stand out. Main is due to the background of eating which leads to the person eventually figuring out what works for them. No particular food, not even one made by the best-ranked chef is guaranteed to please everyone.

Understanding this is important since when

Understanding this is important since when the fact is appreciated, modification suggestions will get easily welcomed by the person who was responsible for the meal. Automatically, proof for being the first step in trying to know if you should or shouldn’t let your mum know she makes a bad cook becomes apparent. Psychologists and business elites call that strategic analysis, which is just a mouthful word for “take time to learn your environment before you act”. Parents, according to a book written by Oprah Winfrey, are less likely to welcome opinions or suggestions from their children due to superiority. The child should understand that they are addressing a superior as soon as they can to find out what does and what doesn’t work during a dialogue with their parents.

Knowing this will be an advantage

Knowing this will be an advantage if there is any chance of not only letting a mother know the cooking is bad but also have her rectify it. What this means is that try out with smaller suggestions or opinions to figure out a method of communication works with your mum. The next step would be to doing the talking minding that it requires both respect and the correct choice of words. The recommended way of doing it is catching somebody in the best mood possible. This is done because she has more experience with cooking food which is far much great than yours and for this reason, chances are that she might take your words as offensive.

How to tell your mum she needs to improve her cooking skills

If she is in a good mood, mention it and don’t be direct. Being direct often yields the best results but it is not a friendly way of doing it. Find a way of encapsulating it in a story, a funny one always offers the best results. This is going to hint your mum where you’re headed without having to ever appear disrespectful. Hint has been statistically proven to be a good way of nourishing relationships within each other since it keeps people from the harsh reality that they might not always appreciate. “Action speaks better than words” a wise man once said and that offers yet another way to change people’s way of doing things. The principle behind this is that instead of telling someone to do something better, you do it yourself just to show that it’s possible and to put them in the same mind state that you’re in.

Your mum will more likely realize bad cooking if you cook something better, further easing the part where you have to mention it because you can be direct and it will not have consequences because actions are backing the words up. It can be done even if the person is not a good cook since not feeling something is satisfactory comes from comparison. Have the person that you’re using their food as comparison make the food that is supposed to change your mum’s mind.

Since food is about balance, it means that not the whole food might be off but just an ingredient is not balanced correctly. Finding out what ingredient is not balanced should have a more satisfactory argument due to the reason that you’re stating a problem and providing a solution. This method of doing things is better appreciated. Creativity in the kitchen is nothing new and suggestions like this that tweak ingredient quantity will be welcomed.

Some general tips that studies show leads better communication include using polite tones. Polite tones help bring out a feeling of humility towards the person being addressed. It is recommended since it is a tone for someone who wants something from someone. Another tip is having a strong stand; people in denial will defend themselves by trying to justify their means. If your opinion is not firm, the efforts will not bear fruits.