Indicators of class and status
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Indicators of class and status

Where you live is the first indicator of your status or what class you belong to. To judge a person’s financial status, knowing where they stay is a great place to start. Elite people prefer living in leafy, secluded suburbs or gated communities. Being part of these exclusive communities instantly sets you apart as somebody well in the elite group. Gated communities are perceived to be safer and cleaner. The residencies preferred by the rich have good access to social amenities that improve on convenience. Living in these pricey gated communities will set you apart as an affluent member of the society.

What a person chooses to wear

What a person chooses to wear goes a long way in showing the person’s class. Rich people tend to be more extravagant in their dressing opting for designer clothes that have an expensive price tag to them. Dressing in the finest of clothes establishes your identity as belonging to the aristocrats. Poor people and middle income earners are caught up meeting their expenses, meeting their daily needs to pay much attention to what they wear. Being part of the upper class, affords you the luxury to wear based off your sense of style. Wearing expensive, custom tailored outfits will definitely set a person apart as belonging to the elite.

The kind of car you drive

The kind of car you drive says plenty about a person’s financial class. Commoners have to rely on public means of transportation to move around. Middle income earners go for economical cars that are fuel efficient. The aristocrats can afford to buy sleek, powerful luxury vehicles that are expensive to maintain. When placing a purchase of a vehicle, the elite consider factors such as quality and the range of features the model offers. Members of the elite group factor in aesthetic beauty when choosing a car. Your choice in a car reflects your status in the social pyramid.

Indicators of class and status

Well-off people tend to pride themselves in being cultured and more refined in their mannerisms. How civilized a person is useful in judging what social class the individual belongs to in the hierarchy. Members of low standing are unruly in their behavior due to years of exposure to harsh living conditions and the struggle to make ends meet. Rich figures live in their safe spaces and this allows them to live civilized lives in a responsible community. Members of the elite are well-mannered and civil in their approach towards confrontations.

The people who perceive themselves as being members of the aristocracy tend have an entitled mentality. These individuals have a strong sense of identity and are confident. This sense of personal awareness makes elite characters entitled in their approach towards life. The richer you are, the bolder you get in pursuing your rights and speaking up when your freedoms are infringed on. Members of the aristocratic group are aware of the position they hold and that they are valuable in the community. This knowledge gives this aristocratic group a deep sense of entitlement backed up by unwavering confidence in who they are.

In accessorizing clothes, the affluent tend to use expensive jewelry to complement their outfit. Unlike their poorer counterparts that go for bulky and shiny pieces that grab attention, their taste in jewelry is more refined. Wrist watches are a popular status symbol with the price going up depending on what material the watch is made of. The craftsmanship behind the making of a wrist watch also contributes to how pricey the watch will be. Small, exquisitely made pieces of jewelry make a powerful statement and scream just how far up you are on the social ladder.

A high-born will go to dine at eateries that are frequented by rich figures of renown wealth. Such eateries have exaggerated price tags on their foods to keep off those that cannot afford services offered at their establishment. Simple items such as water might be sold at what some would consider unreasonable prices but this is done by the owners on intent that the prices will filter out clients who cannot meet the prices. Dining at exquisite eateries that serve an aristocratic client list will make you stand out as high-born of reputable social standing. To show your status as an aristocrat, you must be picky with where you chose to dine at.