Preparing steak perfectly
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Preparing steak perfectly

Whether you prefer wellcooked steak, or not so well cooked, constant attention to time should be paid when preparing and cooking steak, not forgetting what the diners have in mind. A steak is a type of meat cut from the muscle fibers of animals, and most of the time it may include a bone. Steaks are cut from grazing animals, some types of large fish for vegetarians and mushroom is also termed as mushroom steak, as well as other vegetarian dishes that are grilled. Cooks make food pieces in the size and shape of steaks, giving them the name automatically. There are exceptions to steak types like the meat cut out from ribs, in which the meat is cut parallel to the fibers. Steak is usually grilled, cooked in sauce, minced and made into patties.

Countries that have enough space for grazing animals have a history of steak production and are known for their culinary skills in steak preparation. These countries include Ireland, Argentina, United States and United Kingdom.

It is seasoned one hour before

The first thing to do is to choose your meat because different types take different time to cook depending on their tenderness flavor. This will help in determining ingredients you will need throughout your culinary. The ingredients are 1 tablespoons of salt, half a teaspoon of fresh ground pepper, 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon of butter, pineapple juice, groundnut oil, sauces and potatoes. Steak needs to be prepared before cooking by airing it in a vacuum bag gets rid of the odors.

It is seasoned one hour before cooking with extra virgin olive oil, fresh ground pepper and salt. You could add any other spices that you like, for example injecting the meat with orange juice for an orange flavor or pineapple juice for a pineapple flavor. However, keep in mind that the seasonings should not be too much to the extent of overpowering the original taste of the meat.

During cooking in the house, heavy-duty

After seasoning it with flavors, you should leave it at room temperature until the time of cooking. Just before that, add pepper for a stronger taste according to your preference the cook to suit the diner’s needs. You can also add an Asian flavor with a teriyaki marinade.

During cooking in the house, heavy-duty thick frying non-stick pan will achieve the best results because this pan gets extremely hot, retaining the heat for a longer period of time. Don’t make the mistake of squeezing all the meat on the same pan if it does not fit, since the meat will fail to be cooked all round. Heat the pan until it becomes hot then add oil before placing steak. Flavorless oils like groundnut oil work best at this point, then once the steak is searing, add butter for flavor.

Preparing steak perfectly

Continue searing meat until it gets a golden brown crust, keeping in mind that both sides need to cook for an equal amount of time to build up an even crust on both sides and turn it every minute until fully ready. People have preferences to appearance of steak, blue, rare, medium rare, medium or well-cooked. A blue steak appears to be purple, feels spongy with no resistance, rare is dark red with red juice flowing feeling soft with a slight resistance, medium rare is pink with some juice slightly springy spongy and soft; medium is pale pink in the middle with a firm springy feel; well cooked spongy soft springy feel. For well cooked, it is advisable to cook each side for 4 minutes. After it is ready, place your steak on a warm plate, leaving it to rest for up to 5 minutes. Before serving, any running juices should be poured on your meat.

Served with a simple salad, meat can be a nutritious meal while adding sauces with potatoes on the side making the whole meal decadent. Things to consider when think of what will make it a meal is your ideal sauce, potatoes, with extra sides. For the best meal, use Bearnaise, a French sauce with a slight vinegar tang and peppering of fresh tarragon. You might prefer barbecue sauce or pizzaiola sauce, giving a pizza taste. If you are feeling like a chef, deep-fry chips into thin and crispy fries. Finally, keep it minimal by preparing salad with a portion of spiced pinto and black beans. Serve the meal while hot for a burst of flavors.