Ways Of Telling Mum Her Cooking Sucks
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Ways Of Telling Mum Her Cooking Sucks

Food brings people together while strengthening the bonds between them in numerous ways. Therefore, people value tasty meals and can do anything to secure one. It usually makes them want to get a second helping it is available, and they want to compliment the chef. My mum was the one preparing meals during the holidays when we are together as a family with a few friends invited over. Mostly what is cooked is not up to standards, and due to the fear of breaking her heart, we usually find better means of breaking the news decent way.

In this writing, we are going to view some ways people used to inform mum about the cooking she made. Those who are close as family members could talk directly. The reason is that we are used to each other, and mum cannot take it the hard way. But how to approach the topic needed wisdom since she was short-tempered. A perfect opportunity to bring up the discussion is when she inquires about how the cooking was then, it’s the window to pass information. If she has not asked about the meal, it’s better to lie low, or you may end up on mum’s worst side.

During parties, we often found papers

For those who are friends, they prefer doing it over a text message in the evening when they’re analyzing how the day went. This prevents arguments between them and ensures the friendship is still intact. They pass the message in a joking way that does not have any effect, but the point is home. Reason being that they are considerate of how mum feels and would not want to be discouraging friends. Due to their advice, she has tried changing a few things in life since it was benefiting. Mum valued friends that some times to get mum’s attention, especially for meal preparation, we use close friends.

During parties, we often found papers written to mum on what to improve concerning the meals she had prepared. This is a wise way of doing so since none will have the slightest idea where the letter came from. It may seem like a coward means of doing things it’s more effective. Reason being that no feelings will be heartbroken which ensures both parties are at peace. Mum can be furious for a few days or weeks due to the information received. After weeks have passed the anger will have varnished away and a new chapter began.

When house chores are being handed

On normal days, if the meal is not up to expectations, we prefer ordering food to be delivered rather than putting up with mum’s cooking. With that, it’s automatically clear that the food sucked and there was no negotiating about it. Each time we decide to pass dinner or ordered food online she would just know that she messed up in the kitchen. Quarrels have been raised here and there due to junk food, our parents would always agree with who will be cooking.

When house chores are being handed out, mum would be put on groceries duty to ensure that kitchen was out of bound for her. This ensured that kitchen responsibility was governed by a professional. It was a direct reminder that the kitchen was out of limit. Also ensured no bad remarks came out of the guest, and they had a remarkable time during their stays. Due to mum’s cooking being known by everyone, none could have shown up if they heard that mum was in charge of the catering department. The result would be food going to waste and low turn up which is mentally tormenting.

Ways Of Telling Mum Her Cooking Sucks

There are various cooking classes that mum has been enrolled in just to improve herself. Others have tried educating new ways of assuring the meals are up to standards. Many failed since mum easily gives up when angered and tired. We tried cooking contests so that she could compare herself with other mums.

Those are occasional ways that people used to notify mum how the meal sucks. We cannot exhaust all ways of passing information about meals in a single writing. Some times it’s good to be considerate of other people’s feelings before breaking the news to them. Politeness is the major key to ensuring no emotional feelings are broken. For this writing, we only outlined decent ways of politely telling a person their cooking sucks.